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In today's day and age there's been an ever-increasing demand to house homeless children who have lost their parents. This along with a clear need in the comunity was the inspiration for the Al Hudaar Orphange.



The Al Hudaar girls Darul Uloom was established in 2015. It provides quality Islamic education, as well as life skills courses such as cooking classes, computer literacy, English lessons and sewing lessons.



The foundation has built a masjid in the Orange Farm area to promote Dawah. This area has been selected due to the rapid growth of Islam and thus exists the need for a masjid.

Welcome to official website for the Al Hudaar Foundation (Lenasia).

PBO No.: 930035038 REG No.: 1999/014231/08

The Foundation is a non-profit organisation established in 1999 that formed due to a clear need in the community to provide for the needy as well as homeless orphans. Please feel free to browse our website and contact us should you have any queries.

We are an established N.P.O, whose credibility can be gauged through the eyes of the community as well as our community services that have been established over the years by Al Hudaar Foundation which are all running successfully for the last ten years include: Various forms of counselling including: Marriage, Drug Abuse, Domestic Violence, Spiritual and Career advice; Alimah Classes; Soup Kitchens; Ramadaan Haleem and Hampers; Building Projects; Dhikr and Awrad; Masjid for daily prayers; Fund Raising for Special Causes.

The Al Hudaar foundation was established in 1999 and has since served as a community empowerment project. The founders a need for charitable services within the area and it was with this in mind they formed the non-profit organisation known as The Al Hudaar Foundation.
As a non-profit organisation, with no start-up capital to start various fund raising activities were held until enough money was raised to purchase land upon which moderately sized madressah was built.
The premises served as a community center assisting the needy with food hampers, blankets in winter and various other charitable services. Currently, this centre is home to some 20 orphans cum destitute children. The centre also provides a weekly feeding scheme for the poor and needy.
In addition to the current maktab madressah, orphanage and community charity services at the Al Hudaar Foundation has newly opened a girl’s Darul Uloom and we are also currently in the process of building a masjid in Orange Farm which will serve as a base to do charity work.

Al Hudaar Girls Darul Uloom, Account Number: 1534105212, Branch Code : 198765, Nedbank.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said "When a person dies his/her actions come to an end except three that he/she leaves behind:
- Sadqa-e-Jariya (continuous charity)
- Knowledge (e.g. book, blogs, videos) from which other people derive benefit
- and a righteous offspring who prays for his/her forgiveness”